Turkey implant price

We have compiled for you everything you need to know about Turkey implant prices. The most affordable dental implant treatments.

Turkey implant price hakkında daha net fiyatlar için önerilen kliniklerden muayene randevusu alabilirsiniz.

Filling the gap of the teeth that you have extracted for any reason with Implant treatment can be on the same day, or it can be 6 months later. This situation varies according to the condition of the tooth roots, gingiva and jawbone structure.
Since local anesthesia or sedation procedures are applied during the Turkey implant treatment, you will not feel any pain or ache. After the implant is placed in the jawbone, you may experience mild difficulties until the jawbone and gums get used to the implant.
As the best implant brand, we cannot say that this brand is the best. However, the most preferred implant brands are; AlphaBio, AB Implant, DTI Implant, Thommen, Implance, CSM, Zygoma implant.
If you do not feel any pain or ache during the implant treatment. However, you may experience mild difficulties until your gums and jawbone get used to the implant.
The price of a single tooth turkey implant varies between 200$ and 1000$ on average. However, you should not forget that these prices may vary depending on the implant brand, which dentist you are treating, and the knowledge and experience of the specialist dentist.
Turkey implant price

Thanks to the Doctor, you can easily reach the clinics that perform implant treatment in Turkey, which are experts in their fields and have made a name for themselves in the world. In this article, we have explained a lot of information from the treatment process to implant prices and differences in the most detailed way. You can check the member list to choose among Turkish implant clinics.

How much are the implant prices in Turkey?

Turkey implant prices  Today, we encounter implants in Oral and Dental Health. Many people have dental problems in general, and these problems even go as far as tooth loss. In this case, people who do not want to live with missing teeth are looking for a solution for themselves. There are many treatment options among these solutions. However, the most preferred of all methods is dental implants. Turkey Dental implants, as a general definition, are replacement tooth roots. The prepared implants are prepared to fit completely natural teeth, although they are generally permanent, optionally removable implants are also prepared. A Turkey dental implant is a kind of artificial root structure. The structure of the implant is mainly titanium. Implants are root screws placed in the jawbone.

Native Turkey implant prices

The first domestic implant was created in 2013. The implants produced in our country are 100% domestic products. Today, there are four domestic implant brands. These are;

  • Nucleoss implant
  • Implants
  • Mode implant

There are domestic brands in the form of Dti implants.

Produced domestic implants are generally affordable and quality products. In addition, its technological equipment is quite successful.

Foreign implant price

turkey implantAlthough prices are high in general, they are implant models that have recently decreased. Foreign implant models are generally proven reliable models. It offers long-term use and is durable. The first option preferred by most dentists is imported implants.

Major brands;

  • AlphaBio Implant
  • AB Implant
  • DTI Implant

Differences Between Domestic Implant and Foreign Implant

There are many differences between a domestic implant and a foreign implant in turkey. The most obvious of these differences is the price difference. In general, opportunities from abroad are preferred. Because it has the necessary certifications. Apart from these, it is sufficient to contact the well-established companies behind them to solve the problems that occur in foreign implants in turkey. Therefore, the prices are also high.

implant prices

Domestic implants have started to announce the names of 5 companies in our country, especially recently, but it is still early to call these companies successful. The reason for this is that implant production in our country is not very old. Therefore, patients and doctors generally prefer foreign implants instead of local ones. Apart from these, there are surface differences of domestic and foreign turkey implant prices. Compared to foreign implants, domestic implants need further development. Due to this situation, a significant price difference arises.

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